How does it work?

You contact a representative of our company and arrange a meeting at your house at the most convenient time for you and your baby ( when your child normally does not want to sleep).

What age is ideal for casts?

We recommend the most gentle age,  20 days from birth through 4 months old. It still is possible to make casts later, but the baby's hand and foot are already much larger, and the child might resist creating a cast, which makes the whole process longer.

How much time does it take?

If the baby feels well and in a good mood, then usually it takes about 1.5-2 hours. The process of taking casts is very fast, literally 3 minutes, and then the specialist fills the form with plaster, to immediately see if the quality of the casts satisfies (it takes about 40 minutes). Meanwhile, the specialist will hold a mini-photo session for your baby, and discuss with you the design of the painting.

Is it safe for my child?

In our work, we only use the material that dentists work with. It is completely safe for skin contact.

Is it possible to present such a service as a gift for the birth of a child?

Of course, you can order a gift certificate from us. And the baby’s mother will contact us at her convenient time. You can use the service according to the certificate within 6 months.

Why should I order the service from you, and not buy a ready-made kit for creating casts in a children's store?

As our five-year experience shows, creating casts is not as easy process, as sellers of ready-made kits claim.
1. With the kit, you will only have 1 attempt, and the material settles quickly. Very rarely, parents manage to make good casts on their own. After all, you can just ruin the material, and get upset instead of enjoying the process. With us, our specialist will take as many attempts as necessary to get high-quality copies. Usually,  everything is done from the very first time, due to our excellent practice.
2. In our case, you do not need to think about where to store the casts.  We provide you with a fully finished product, which includes a professional photo of a child + casts + frame with passe-partout. The painting can nicely complement the decor in the children's room.
3. We guarantee a 100% result! We leave all the trouble to ourselves, and give you the opportunity just to enjoy the process as happy parents!