Save the moments of childhood for life!
What are 3D CASTS of baby's hand and foot?
This is an accurate, detailed, volumetric copy of the baby’s hand or foot made of plaster and covered with acrylic paint, which shows the slightest lines and folds. The casts leave an imprint of childhood moments that have brought so much joy and love to you for life.
Why are casts needed and for whom are they performed?
Artistic paintings with casts of the baby’s hand and foot are a wonderful gift:
-from friends to a young mother and baby;
-from you to your child;
-from godparents to their godchildren;
-from an aunt and uncle to their beloved nephew or niece;
-from grandparents to their granddaughter or grandson;
-from young parents to grandparents.

   CASTS are memories of the most important MOMENTS in the life of a mother and a child, which run so fast that it is           almost impossible to keep up with them.

   Perhaps the most convenient option to capture the moments of childhood is to make CASTS.

   Imagine how 15 years later, your child will compare his/her hand with the CASTS of a palm at 1 month, looking for             similarities in the lines and remembering how small he/she was...


   This is a very heartwarming, sweet and emotional GIFT!


2000 DKK / 270€ 

Cost of the service includes:

- photographer's arrival to your house

- making two casts (hand and foot)

- mini-photoshoot of the baby for the casts

- 1 frame with passe-partout, size 40x50 cm (to choose            from a few different designs)

- fully framed painting (within 2 weeks)


4100 DKK / 550€ 

Cost of the service includes:

- photographer's arrival to your house

- making four casts (both hands and both feet)

mini-photoshoot of the baby for the casts

- 1 frame with passe-partout, size 62x55 cm (to choose            from a few different designs)

- fully framed painting (within 2 weeks)

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