Pregnancy photoshoot



Pregnancy photography is my favorite genre of photography. I have a lot of experience in this area, I know how to show you from the best side, help you with posing and make this time pleasant and comfortable for you.



Pregnancy photo session at your home, in nature and in a photo studio.


Personally, I prefer to work in a photo studio, which means that we are completely independent of the weather, and the weather in Denmark is very unpredictable. You will always be warm and comfortable. And the toilet is nearby, many will understand me. You can easily change clothes and touch up your makeup and hair.
A photo session in a studio is always the best solution.
But in spring and summer, of course, we can make a photo session in nature, in a large garden or on the seashore.
Also, if you like casual style, we can do a photo session at your home. The only condition is that the house should be light enough and the furniture should be in light colors.
You can do a photo session alone or with your partner, younger children can also join you))






I work in a certain style and so that you would not have any problems with the selection of clothes for a photo shoot, I created my own wardrobe. It has dresses (I follow the latest fashion and sometimes buy luxury, designer dresses), bodysuits, flying fabrics, as well as various accessories. You will be able to choose a dress according to your taste and size )) At the stage of discussing the images, we will select the best option for you ) The only thing you will need to take care of is the clothes for your partner and child, if they are participating in a photo shoot ) Also before photo shoots , I will send you a reminder of how best to prepare for a photo shoot, what to pay attention to and what not to forget about ;))





Let's start with me explaining what 1 Look is. 1 Look - these are photos in one dress/bodysuit /with fabric, without clothes and one light scheme. For example, you chose a black bodysuit, we take different photos with this bodysuit, you stand, sit on the floor, maybe even lie down, you get 20 different photos with 1 look without changing the light. 1 Look takes from 10 to 15 minutes. Every time we change clothes, it's a new Look. Each package of services indicates how many Looks we can make.

Now let's take a closer look:
- Package "Luxurious minimalism". This is a photo session in which the emphasis is on light. Here, Looks are calculated from changes in light schemes. Each new Look is a new scheme of light. Therefore, clothing is secondary here, the main thing is your silhouette. These are concise, elegant images with practically no clothes, the maximum is jeans and underwear. These are timeless photographs that will be relevant in 10-20 years.
Classic, Style. 3-4 Looks.

- Package "Standard". Here you can combine silhouette photos with dress/fabric photos. Here, the images are considered from the selected clothes. It is also possible to do one image with your partner if desired. But as a result, we can implement from 3 to 4 Looks.

- Package "Photo Studio with a partner" - This is the best option when you want to give maximum attention to yourself and also make more than one look with your partner. In this package we will be able to implement almost all your ideas and wishes.


If you have an idea for a very specific photo you would like to take, please feel free to send it to me in advance.




    Very often, I hear that girls are worried that I have only fashion models in my portfolio and that they are afraid that they will not look so beautiful in photographs.

     I hasten to please you, 90% of the girls that you see in the photographs did a photo shoot for the first time in their lives)))))

I can make a Star out of any girl, show you from the most favorable side, show your beauty in this special period!
    I am a professional photographer with 10 years experience. I worked as a fashion photographer for 3 years. I know everything about light, poses and good angles. I will help and guide you, I will show and suggest. I will do my best to make you feel good, comfortable and safe during the photo session, so that you feel BEAUTIFUL and SPECIAL.
   When you choose a photographer, you should like her/his photos and style) Sometimes we choose a photographer based on the price and then send her references of a more expensive photographer to repeat. I will disappoint you by saying that you will not be able to implement it. Even if the photographer says that she can do the same, it's not true. If she could, then you  would have seen similar photos in her portfolio.
   A pregnancy photo shoot is a unique experience, so take your choice of photographer seriously so that you don’t lose the desire to do photo shoots in the future. If a photographer is recommended to you, go and look at his portfolio, also look for more options on the Internet yourself, so that you are sure that this is what you want. Your girlfriend liked this photographer, but you have different tastes, what she likes and suits is not necessarily suitable for you, so it's better to have several options and from which you can choose)

   Many photographers work in different styles, find the one that impresses you the most ;)




    If you have chosen to have a photo shoot in a photo studio, I will be waiting for you in my large, bright photo studio at Byvej, 229, Måløv.

    This is a cozy, beautiful space of 117 sq.m. created by me with LOVE to create beautiful photos. There is everything to make you feel comfortable and easy))        The studio has white walls and floor, two large windows, which will give us the opportunity to take more comfortable photos with daylight (for example, in Boho style), there is also a place for trying on all my beautiful dresses, a table and a mirror to create makeup and hair.



   To get the best result at a photo session, I certainly recommend ordering Makeup and Hairstyle.
   I do my own make-up and hair, I have a special education and as a photographer, I know what will look best in the photos and what is right for you)) Ordering my make-up and hair, it means that you have nothing to worry about. You just need to come with freshly washed hair, no make-up and just enjoy the process))) I would say that it's like a spa session ;)
    Of course, you can do your own make-up and hair, even if it is a minimal option, it is still important. Smooth, healthy skin tone (which can be done with foundation and blush) will improve how you look in photos))
     But if you are not confident in your abilities, then trust a professional)


Pregnancy photos : photo gallery and retouching


   After the photo session, within a few days you will receive a link to your personal photo gallery with the best photos from the photo session))) You can and should download them to your computer, since the photo gallery is active for 1 month. You can also share this photo gallery with your family and friends.      After receiving access to the photo gallery, you mark the photos with a heart  for deep retouching. Deep retouching is editing the figure, hair, skin color alignment, skin retouching, fabric, dress, everything that would make the photo look beautiful)) In the beginning, I retouch one photo and send it to you for approval, what would you look at and decide if you like it such a format. Maybe you want less retouching or vice versa more, all this can be agreed)

   After retouching is approved, I retouch all the photos you have chosen and upload them to your photo gallery in a separate tab "Photos in retouching".


   If you wish, you can always order more retouched photos than originally indicated in your Service Package. Retouching 1 photo costs 200 DК.



Use of photos by Family Moments and related social networks


    As a photographer, I always own the copyright to images and therefore have the exclusive right to decide which images I want to use for my portfolio and marketing purposes. However, I always try to have a clear agreement with the client regarding the use of images on social media.

   If you want your photo session to be confidential and you are against the rublication of your photos, I accept and understand your desire.

    Please let me know in advance.




… And having said all that, I want to thank you again for just choosing me as your photographer. I will look forward to meeting you and giving you a wonderful experience.