Dear girls, I have amazing news for you!


When booking a pregnancy photo shoot in  MAY 2024,

you get Newborn's photo shoot in Simple Style in my photo studio for FREE!!!


               How it works:


1. You choose your pregnancy package  HERE
It can be a photo session of you alone or with your partner. I recommend doing a pregnancy photo session from the 28th week of pregnancy to the 35th.

So that the tummy is not too big, in this case, the dresses will sit on you better, and it will also be easy for you to take different poses))

But of course, this is all very individual, for someone on the 28th week the tummy is already very large, and for someone and on the 35th small))

2. When booking a photoshoot that will take place in  MAY 2024,

you get the opportunity to make a subsequent mini-photo shoot of a newborn in a photo studio.

A newborn photo session MUST be done from 6 days from birth to 10 days (maximum up to 14 days,

after 14 days it is no longer a newborn and the conditions of this promotion are not valid for you).

You get a free photo session + 4 retouched photos in high-resolution electronic format.

(You can choose a photos for retouching from a photo gallery with all the best photos, it can be a baby photo, a general photo with parents,

a photo of a baby with mom / dad.
  All photos of Newborns in the photo gallery will be watermarked and without access to download, if you wish, you can buy the entire photo gallery (approximately 50-70 photos) without a watermark on photos for 1500 dk).


If you give permission to publish photos from a newborn photo shoot in my portfolio, then another GIFT awaits you!
Mini video from the photo shoot!

The photo studio is located at this address: Byvej, 229G 2760 Måløv



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