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Created for many generations


  • To create classic photo books, high-quality plastic with a thickness of 0.5 mm is used, which does not deform over time. Manual work and control at all stages ensure accurate and reliable assembly
  • Classic photo books unfold 180 degrees, which makes it possible to freely make a photo book and implement any creative idea. Photos that are placed on the entire spread look very effective.
  • We print classic photo books at the Noritsu chemical photo laboratory, using only the best chemistry and photo paper produced by FUJI. Today, this is one of the best types of printing, which is guaranteed to retain its qualities for 100 years.


Photobooks size   24x24 cm   


Number of turns 

10                           1800,-

15                           2000,-

20                           2200,-     


Photobooks size    28x28 cm     


Number of turns                                                

10                            2200,-

15                            2600,-

20                            2800,-


Photobooks size    30x30 cm


Number of turns      

10                           3000,-           

15                           3200,-  

20                           3500,-